10 July 2008


I've missed so much!

giant congratulations to farah at fertilized, trish at fertile hope and lub at quest for a baby. they are all new moms! I'm so happy for you guys!

tomorrow I will be 33 weeks. hard to believe isn't it? I'm now in the process of scheduling a professional maternity shoot for when I am in maine next week. my wedding photographer is available to take some simple b+w photos. seeing as I never had a "proper" bridal portrait and this will be my one and only pregnancy I am going to go for it. be not afraid -- it won't be demi moore style. in the meantime I need to find someone to address this hideous hair situation. and what do I wear? "modeling" is not my thing (very camera shy) but I'll suck it up for an afternoon and hope for the best. hey, all we need is one decent picture. my photographer is big into the blurry, out of focus look. brilliant!

then I will be on ob ordered "house arrest." no more traveling for p and little one.


AwkwardMoments said...

Thank you and I am so excited you have a photo shoot coming up!

Rachel Inbar said...

The photographer I never ended up going to said to bring all white clothing and all black. Enjoy the shoot! I really planned to do it, but never got around to it.

Congrats on 33 weeks!!!

lub said...

Thanks for the mention! 33 weeks- wow how time flies!!! I think the photo shoot is a great idea. Have fun in Maine!