23 July 2008


I just spoke with my childbirth class instructor. she actually works as an ob nurse where I will be delivering. we discussed my AMA and possible early placental breakdown. she explained that "they" (the hospital and dr f) typically start the "induction process" (cervical ripening) at 38 1/2 weeks. so now we are talking 18 august. oy!

starting next week I will have 2 dr appointments a week. the first with dr f for maintenance -- weight, blood pressure, urine... the second with the hospital for an u/s and fetal heart monitoring (for 30-45 minutes.) this is all becoming too real now. am I ready?

(((deep breath))) good question.


Aunt Becky said...

You're as ready as you're gonna get. I promise.

Beth said...

You are ready and I bet just freaking out now b/c it is getting so close.

Rebecca said...

That is scary, but at least you have a date! I'm kind of jealous...I've never heard of cervical ripening...interesting! Good luck and yes, this is really happening!

Joy said...

Ready or not.. here you come anyway!

DAVs said...

Well, we certainly don't want an underripe cervix :)
Good luck good luck good luck!