03 August 2008


zip. nada. zilch. nothing.

no "progress" whatsoever. not even a hint of effacement. a tiny bit dilated? nope. even with all the pelvic floor twinges and sharp jabs, lower belly cramping and a tight as a drum belly, little one is simply hanging out. taking his/her own sweet time. "Wow! you've reeeaaaally dropped!" said my nosy neighbor. yes, YES, I know, but it doesn't mean a THING!

I saw cute (short and balding -- I don't get the attraction) dr f on friday. wasn't b surprised when he showed up at my appointment and saw me in my blue and brown paisley dress with lip gloss AND mascara! he must have been thinking "where's my wife?" dr f was a bit rough when "performing" my first internal. man, it hurt! I guess that explains the bleeding (and quarter sized clot) that I experienced the rest of the day. I was forced to call the office around 4 pm because the blood at that point seemed a bit excessive and alarming. I was told to eat and drink something and rest on my side for 1 hour. if I didn't feel 6 good kicks I was to call the on-call ob. 1/2 hour into my "test," I still felt nothing -- that was until I drank a half a can of caffeine free coke classic. THEN little one was more than loud and clear. a huge sigh of relief.

I did, however, make a little progress elsewhere. the car seat is now officially (and professionally) installed in my subaru. it takes my breathe away when I turn my head and see in infant seat in my car. what's it doing there? (that's the infertile in me speaking.) I spent almost an hour hanging out with a dozen firemen after they gave me a thorough course in car seat safety -- highly recommended and free through the state. then a terrible storm hit and I was going nowhere. I really HATE thunder and lightening. we chatted about all sorts of things and I, of course, gave them a lesson on IF and IVF. remember, it's my mission to educate the people. well, a fire broke out (something blew up somewhere) and my captive audience was gone. the firetrucks took off in a very "right out of the movies," orchestrated frenzy. it was pretty damn cool and dramatic. I felt all backdraft and ladder 49-like. what a way to spend some time on a rainy saturday afternoon. too bad none of the firemen looked like joaquin phoenix.


Aunt Becky said...

I never ever made any progress whatsoever with my first baby. Have faith, you will be not-pregnant soon enough :)

(you have no idea how I prayed to have made some sort of progress each time I went to the MD. It was always so crushing when nothing happened)

DAVs said...

Sorry there's no action cervix-wise yet...but it sounds like you had fun at the firehouse!

nickoletta100 said...

oh i feel your pain, i had no progress either.... hmmm.. don't want to scare you but i delivered 11 days late!

yay for the carseat!!! so exciting!!! pretty soon you will look in the rear view mirror and see a miniature person looking back at you! (assuming you have a baby mirror, which I highly recommend by the way!)

Rebecca said...

I think I'm exactly where you are...I have 26 days left (according to the ticker) and I don't think that anything is happening down there! I have twins too...I thought they'd be fighting to get out of there! The car seats freak me out too...they're cute though!

Joy said...

Hmm. Well, no progress is frustrating, but firemen?

I'm making a mental note to have ours done there as well.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean about the carseat being in the car! It's so surreal.

Too bad our local inspection place is the police precinct. Firemen are more sexy (I'm a "rescue me" junkie :)