16 August 2008

no news is not good news. it's no news.

thursday's appointment with dr f's office was uneventful. I met with the midwife and my progress is at best, minimal. I'm now -1 station as opposed to last week's -2 and with no dilation. and I lost 2 more pounds thanks to the late 3rd trimester nausea that now torments me. the highlight of my day was the dry heaves that immediately followed my appointment. horrible. I couldn't get home fast enough to puke up absolutely nothing.

I have my second BPP on tuesday morning. they check the fluid levels via u/s and monitor little one's heartbeat for at least 1/2 hour. the purpose is to look for signs of placenta breakdown -- the biggest concern in my case.

now this is where my very matter of fact and benign post gets super pissy. both my childbirth teacher (40 year veteran ob nurse at yale) and my midwife agree that the induction process should start at 38.5 weeks for someone my age. dr f, on the other hand, prefers to go to 39 weeks and 5 days. not 39 weeks and 4 days... whatever. if you were to look at a calendar, next friday's appointment I will be 39 weeks (or 39 weeks and 1 day according to dr f.) then you have the weekend. inductions don't happen on a saturday or sunday. don't interfere with date night or holy communion, god forbid! so monday is 39 weeks and 4 days AND a "holiday week" (according to the midwife) because of labor day. scheduling "may just be a problem." so now we are talking the following week when I will be over 40 weeks and... LIVID! watch out people!

hello! this pregnancy did not just occur 3 weeks ago. dr f's office has had 9 (I repeat, NINE) friggin' months to get me on the schedule knowing exactly when labor day weekend falls. don't pull this shit on me now. this is totally ridiculous. if I go in on friday and dr f says there is nobody available to start the ripening/induction process the week of 25 august, rest assured, all hell will break loose. if I have to, I will personally hunt down dr f or dr h or dr s on cape cod or the jersey shore and make his or her vacation more than miserable. I will guarantee that labor day will have a whole new meaning for the lucky obstetrician on call. this is bullshit. BULLSHIT! b doesn't take a holiday at the hospital. so don't bother to pack your banana republic swim trunks and bain de soleil spf 15 dr f, you've got an important job on the horizon mister! I mean doctor.

so don't mess with this giant, nauseated, sleep deprived, irritated, hormonally charged pregnant woman. consider yourself warned!


Rachel Inbar said...

OK. I'm sure I'm going to annoy you, but I've been there more than once (3x to be exact). Here (in Israel), they do ultrasound and fetal monitor every 2-3 days once you pass 40 weeks and they only induce when you reach 42 full weeks. At the hospital I went to, they could have theoretically kept me another few days until they had an opening(!) I went in on Wednesday (41+4) to see what they could do - they sent me home. On Friday (41+6)- they sent me home. On Saturday, when I was 42 full weeks, I went into labor at 4:30 and Yirmi was born about 3 hours later... I was supposed to be induced that evening.

(My first was also born at 42 full weeks; another was at 41+1)

I am not aware of a connection with age, but I was almost 39 when Yirmi was born.

Basically, my point is that if the monitoring is good and you are feeling the baby move a lot (I literally got up in the middle of the night to make sure I was feeling him) then you are safe through the end of 42 weeks. And believe me, I know exactly how annoying it is. My family flew in to Israel just to be here when my daughter was born and they waited and waited but finally had to leave, so they ended up seeing her for the first time when she was almost 6 months old.

AwkwardMoments said...

C'mon Baby, you need to get OUT of your mother's belly!! She wants to hold you.

DAVs said...

Yikes I'm really sorry they're giving you the runaround regarding the schedule. Holidays shouldn't mean diddly regarding this...poor you. Hang in there. Maybe things will suddenly pick up on their own and you won't need their silly little induction help anyway :)

Joy said...

I hope they figure it out soon!