11 August 2008

Dear Asshole,

this is a letter to let you know that after today's hospital appointment (u/s and fetal h/b monitoring), little one appears to be "ok." no need to lose any sleep or worry yourself. my knees are no longer swollen and the cuts have scabbed over. my entire body is much less sore this morning, thank you. oh, and my blood pressure has stabilized and the crying has stopped. but the trauma of the entire horrific experience on saturday will forever haunt me.

after speaking with a neighbor she convinced me to call a local town official to report "the incident." she (alderwoman E) was PISSED! she took a ton of detailed notes over the phone and was going to follow up with the police (local and yale.) your actions (or lack thereof) on saturday afternoon were inexcusable. everyone is in agreement. you are a despicable human being.

when you arrived at the dog park with your massive rottweiler AND great dane I didn't have a choice in the matter. your unleashed and very excited giant dogs were clearly not in your control. lulu (who weighs 20 lbs) and I were helpless and defenseless to your charging rottie. when I saw your 100+ lb dog on top of lulu (who was screeching out of fear) I knew there would be trouble. maybe your dog in your mind was "playing" but I know my dog and she was unhappy and would most likely snap. she would be a very dead frenchie in the matter of seconds. you don't bite a rottweiler and get away with it.

I reacted (stupid, I know.) I had to separate them. I had to save little monkey from an inevitable retaliatory attack. full-on, out of control maternal instincts clearly kicked in. then I blacked out. my next memory is of being flat on my face and belly. like a tree, cut off at the ankles... "TIMBER!" what happened, only you, irresponsible, asshole dog owner knows for sure. I recall yelling "I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant!" you gave me your hand to pull me up but that was it. how did I end up on the ground in the first place? was I knocked over by the great dane? did you push me out of the way? did I trip over something? what the hell happened?!

all I know is when I got up you simply walked away. you never asked me if I was hurt. you didn't stop for a moment to see if I needed assistance. you didn't inquire if I needed an ambulance or if you could call someone. I was covered in wood chips and dirt and was borderline hysterical and you casually strolled off. what the fuck is wrong with you? even if I wasn't pregnant "man down!" you do something!

I somehow got myself home. I had no shoes on when I got into the house. where were my sneakers? b called dr f's office who told us to go to the hospital. they were waiting for us in L&D. I was put on monitors for the rest of the day. my blood pressure was through the roof and little one's heart rate was all over the place. up, down. up, down. after a few hours the nurse was able to see some consistency. "he finally settled down" she said. now I needed to settle down.

every time I went to pee I noticed more dirt and wood chips -- in my hair, on my face, in my pockets, in my underwear even! they considered keeping me for 24 hours. placental abruption was everyone's biggest fear. take note: having a posterior placenta is ideal in situations like these -- "severe trauma to the belly."

so fuck you asshole! people like you suck! I've made contact with the authorities and this situation is not "over." little one is ok and I have moved on from feeling helpless, weepy and traumatized to full fledged anger. the shock has worn off. I'm on a mission now -- sort of.

yours truly,


AwkwardMoments said...

OH MY GOD ....... P I am in shock. So glad you are ok .. I am so sorry there are these types of people and you had to encounter one that sent you to the hospital

Mimi said...

OMG!!! This is horrible! I hope that alderwoman doesn't let up! Time to call the press! Stalk the park (dogless) and bring a camera for when that @SSwipe shows back up so you can get photos with a zoom lens.

People with dogs that come after helpless, defenseless animals or people need to know that their dog does have it in them. Our 16 yr old was bitten over a month ago by the neighbor's husy - as he attacked my MIL's 4 lb puppy walking by on the street. Leash laws need to be taken seriously!

I'm glad you and little one are okay.

Rebecca said...

That SUCKS!!! I can't believe it...I would have reacted too...it's in our blood! I'm glad that you're going to pursue it...those people deserve to pay for their ignorance!

A said...

OMG! I am SO glad you're OK, baby is OK. Holy cow, I can't believe people like that breathe the same air we do. Ugh!!

Hang in there and dream of revenge...

nickoletta100 said...

OMG! I hope they can find who did this. That is just unbelievable. SOOOOO glad you and little one are ok. What a terrible experience!

Rachel Inbar said...

OMG,what a nightmare. I'm glad you're OK and I hope the police find this guy and take his dogs away.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad you are following through with this. That man should be castrated.

And for the record, I would have done the same exact thing to protect my 20 lb dog, smart or not. In those situations you don't think, you just react with all of the force of your maternal instincts to protect. Thank god you are all OK.

How does that man LIVE with himself???

(and yes, I am getting crankier and more ornery every damn post date day ;)

maresi said...

Holy crap! That is the most terrible behavior. Seriously, what an ASSHOLE!
I'm glad you and baby are physically okay, although I'm sure your faith in humanity is a tad shaken.

Baby and Me said...

WHOA! I just found your blog and oh my gosh! That is crazy scare. What a big douche that guy was. Karma is a B and he will get his. Ok now you stay on two feel! No more playing in the dirt.

Baby and Me said...

WHOA! I just found your blog and oh my gosh! That is crazy scare. What a big douche that guy was. Karma is a B and he will get his. Ok now you stay on two feel! No more playing in the dirt.

Portia P said...

I'm glad you're ok but what an awful experience.

People make me wonder sometimes....

Take care of yourself x