03 March 2009

projectile! volume 2

"I'm rundown and at the end of my rope here."

my turn. 24 hours straight of raging vomit and diarrhea (not so pretty when one continues to have post-partum incontinence issues.) 3 pairs of pjs, 3 showers and one bathmat later I figured it out. sit on toilet and puke into wastebasket (sorry to be so graphic.)

it came fast and furious. like when you're at the beach on a beautiful day and all of a sudden a few clouds appear. then in an instant it begins to pour heavily. the wind picks up and you gather all your crap and sprint to the car. you're soaked. "where the hell did THAT come from?" at 4 pm on saturday this is exactly what happened in my belly. one minute I'm "fine" (rundown but fine) the next, every bone in my body felt broken and I couldn't get warm. the puking was not too far behind. I got slammed. big time!

see what happens when you try to do everything? now back to bed. email client, get hydrated, sleeeeep.


Eb said...

Oh man, sounds horrific. So sorry you're in your own private vomitorium. Feel better.

Anonymous said...

OMG you poor things (you and Ginny). Was B off work to take care of you???

nickoletta100 said...

oh so awful! I hope you feel better soon!