16 April 2009

favorite things - thursday edition

all uterus drama aside, the return of our favorites.
soooooo, today I'm starting with 2 amazing websites for those who make their own baby food. I tell ya, once you start, it's addictive. I have so many frozen organic meals in my freezer, it's ridiculous. check out wholesome baby food and nurture baby. great fruit/veggie combinations! yum yum yum in the tum tum tum.

who doesn't love babylegs and all the fab patterns? b digs the pink skull and crossbones -- surprise, surprise. ginny is no doubt my child (once you see her chubster thighs.) tights are not the best especially if you cloth diaper. fluffy butts are big! babylegs are an awesome solution for girls and boys. I have a client that met the (oh so young) woman that started the company. $,$$$,$$$. all it takes is a clever idea.

next is hanna andersson. I adore all that is hanna! especially the pjs. easy on, easy off (for diaper changes) and super adorable (in a very dr seuss sort of way.) we get ginny's at our local outlet. these pjs rule!


Eb said...

thanks for your comment.
I'd love to read square peg's blog - how do I go about it?
that little onesy is the cutest thing i have ever seen!!!!

A said...

Oooo, you have a Hanna outlet nearby? So jealous! I just might have to get one of those babyfood maker things, too-- I signed up for an organic fruit/veggie coop this summer, and how perfect would that be for making food for the fall/winter and freezing?

Also- sending a friend your way, she's in NH and might be looking at having to do IVF/PGD, etc... 3 m/c so far, poor thing. I told her about Cornell, but you're surely a better source than I!