15 April 2009

my uterus is falling! my uterus is falling!

to add insult to injury.

talk about a uterus recall! shit! even when NOT TTC my reproductive organs are problematic. I really thought I was harboring yet another UTI since ginny's birth. a few rounds of antibiotics never seemed to get rid of that pesky infection.
so I thought.

my last pee-in-a-cup adventure came up clear -- no bacteria, nothing, nada, you're "fine."

"however... I think you may have uterine prolapse. come see me." says dr f - my favorite.

ok, prolapse. whatever. it sounded pretty uneventful until I had a small chat with dr google. for the love of god! you have got to be fucking kidding me!

"Uterine prolapse means your uterus has descended from its position in the pelvis farther down into your vagina. Normally, your uterus is held in place by the muscles and ligaments that make up your pelvic floor. Uterine prolapse occurs when pelvic floor muscles and ligaments stretch and weaken, providing inadequate support for the uterus. The uterus then descends into the vaginal canal."

if this is indeed what I have, life is cruel. hours and hours of trying to push out a sunny-side-up child was traumatic and completely destroyed my pelvic floor (b's words.) I'm totally unable to do a kegel, I feel like I always need to pee and I have major pressure when I walk too much or too fast. these symptoms scream falling uterus and/or bladder. we shall see.

oh joy.
this sucks.


Eb said...

What a shock. What can be done?

Aunt Becky said...

Good LORD, you poor thing.

Hang in there. And tell your pesky ute to do the same.

KandiB said...

That happened to my girlfriend after having twins. No fun at all. I feel for you!!

AwkwardMoments said...

Son of a .....

DAVs said...

Ugh. I'm really sorry. Sometimes it seems the fun will never end, eh?

Shinny said...

Welcome to the club! After two giant babies exiting my womb I know have the old uterus, bladder and rectum prolapsing to where they should not be going. Apparently all my parts feel the need to leave me, after only 42 years. Most likely I will be getting a hysterectomy in the next couple of years to address this problem.

becoming-mom said...

Oh crap. Both my grandmother's developed this in their elder years so I've always been afraid I would too..EVENTUALLY but not now! You poor thing.. I hope that's not what it is :(

charlene said...

Im only 24yrs old and I have the same prob. Im afraid to go to the dr because every1 keeps talking about a hysterectomy. Anyway, goodluck girl.