08 April 2009

the return of p & v's favorite things

this entire week was going to be dedicated to our new "favorite things" but a lot has been going on. a fellow saIF buddy lost her twins, phoebe and evan, after being born at 24w 1d. the news is absolutely heartbreaking. I cannot even imagine having to bury a child let alone two. C and I emailed back and forth quite a bit last fall and I felt a real connection to her. her loss is something that I cannot fathom. my (broken) heart goes out to her and her husband R. what a tragedy.

we also had some great news as well. square peg got an amazing fert report from her first DE cycle. she transferred 2 beautiful 5 day blasts yesterday. hurray! she and D have struggled through numerous (4 maybe?) IVFs. this has got to be "it" for them. I had a vivid dream last night that she was carrying twins! she also had a very cool orange stroller (I don't think it really exists.) I was terribly jealous. fingers and toes crossed everyone, for her upcoming beta!

and... a fellow cornell IVFer delivered a gorgeous baby girl, isabella, this week. B and I cycled together twice -- both failures. I'm looking forward to seeing her again (but not in a hospital gown and paper slippers) once we move back to nyc. what a glorious reunion!

a little update: awesome and encouraging news for IVF 40+! her beta for IVF #2 has more than doubled. this is fantastic!


Eb said...

sorry to hear about your friends tragedy. what a sobering thought. EB

squarepeg said...

Orange, eh? I'll keep my eye out! Your dream means a lot - so thank you :)

I am devastated for celine and her twins. It is just mindnumbingly awful.