02 June 2009

favorite things - tuesday edition

wine! hey, if you can't BF then the occasional glass and/or bottle is good (for a stressed out individual and her dear husband.) we dig this label (I'm a packaging designer) however the actual wine is mediocre. and the typography is pretty crappy. oh well. but we love the idea. these days we are thoroughly enjoying the yellow tail sparkling. it's cheap and brilliant with grilled shrimp.

now that it's warm and sunny we love this! the sun shade is breathable and blocks out 98% of UV rays. we don't need ginny's beautiful pale skin to get burned! it's simple to attach and it folds up teeny tiny when the sun sets. good stuff!

1 comment:

KandiB said...

I'm a graphic designer, too. Love the idea...but could use a little overhaul. I always loved packaging. Maybe you should give them a little pitch?

We drink they Yellow Tail, too. They have the BIG Bottle at Costc.ho which is great for the summertime. Haven't seen the sparkling, though. Sounds SO good. Can't wait to get all liquered up!