01 June 2009

where did the baby go?

it now appears that we have a little girl. a tiny person that loves the swing and yellow wildflowers. the changes at 8 - 9 months are pretty dramatic. every single day we notice something new (like another tooth) and unexpected (we have a belly sleeper!) simply amazing. note to self: the first thing we do in nyc is babyproof. yes, it's that time.

this weekend we added "grown-up" foods. ginny's menu included whole wheat macaroni, chick peas, cheese and cous cous. she sits in her high chair and eats banana chunks and puffs like a champ (while simultaneously treating lulu.) I think the frenchie appreciates ginny now.

b had sunday off. we took a well deserved 2 hour break from packing and went to the park. what a glorious day. sunny, warm, slight breeze -- perfection. the little girl loved it!

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