27 June 2009

yep! were finally here!

however, "here" is just temporary.

sorry for the long delay in posting. things are crazed.

we moved. and as expected, it sucked. it rained, the movers stunk and I had the expected freak-out. every single move in my adult life has sent me into emotion turmoil. the stress, the cost, the anticipation, the worry, "please be very careful with that!" it all guarantees dry heaves on moving day.

but were here! back in fab nyc! on some bizarre level it almost feels like we never left. yes, the upper east side is NOT my hood but it's ok. I think it will work. no, we don't sport the UES required bugaboo stroller but who cares. ginny is adapting beautifully and lulu is happy to be back on the streets (so many smells to smell.)

I'm alone. b is still 2 hours away in new haven wrapping up his fellowship. he sleeps in the call room and occasionally sneaks in late at night to shower and grab some clean clothes. we haven't seen him in days.

I've been working with 2 clients (TWO!) while simultaneously trying to find child care (which is a full time job.) I missed an important graduation party for b because I had to interview potential nannies.

"why do you want to be in child care?"

"because I don't want to work in a store."


"NO! you cannot bring your friend to the interview!

candidates #11 and #12 were by far "the best." #1 - #10 sucked. it figures I'd find the the decent ones sunday night at 6:30 pm. interviewing is hard work and exhausting. trying to find someone to care for our precious miracle is incredibly dificult! who do you really trust?

so we're unpacked about 90% and ... get this... we have to move... again! our crap ass shitty neighbor smokes incessantly. the second hand smoke is literally seeping through the walls. this is no good for ginny. we gotta go! pedi's orders. so we battled it out with our building and we will be moving 2 floors down on 7 july. the whole thing is just plain sucky. (that's an entirely separate post.)

but in the meantime, here's the view from ginny's bedroom. all pretty and sparkly at night. cool as hell!


akoto said...

What a great view! I witnessed what a couple I used to tutor here went through with trying to find a nanny for their children--it was pretty much a nightmare. Just as you mentioned--people wanting to bring friends, not having a good solid answer for why they want to be nannies, and a lack of personal hygiene in a few. Hopefully, you'll find the right one soon!

DAVs said...

Awww, that view. Views like that are my true "happy place" when I need an escape (which is more often than not the way things have been lately). That sux majorly about the secondhand smoke, but I'm glad you can move a couple of floors and escape. I hope you have better luck with finding a good nanny!

I miss NYC!!

Aunt Becky said...

Am so jealous it hurts. I'd freaking love to live in NYC. Glad you're all settled in!

AwkwardMoments said...

Congrats on the move..Sorry you and B are so far away and you are VERY busy!

KandiB said...

Wow...so jealous! That's fantastic. Sorry about the little wrinkle with the stinky neighbor. That just sux..but you've got NYC!!! I always missed the sounds of the garbage trucks early in the a.m. and the sirens. I know...the things you hate. BUT, it's just a sound that screams The City.

We'll be starting the nanny search in a few weeks, too. hang in there, it will all gel together soon enough.