04 July 2009

life (so far) in the big city

we're slowwwwwly getting settled and finding a routine. our apartment is still a disaster simply because we move again on tuesday. how sucky is THAT?! it's a real shame because I love our current space. the neighbors on our floor are awesome (except for selfish nasty smoker guy) and to have to move downstairs and clean yet another unit from top to bottom really doesn't make mama happy. but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. the smoke is really hideous and obviously very unhealthy. so what are we doing this glorious holiday weekend? not eating grilled veggie burgers and tofu pups or lighting sparklers and watching fireworks. PACKING! again. dammit.

go figure! why couldn't we have lived here when I was going through my IVF cycles? I can literally walk to cornell from our new digs. WALK! just a stone's throw away from my hero "new RE dr d." remember him? I wish we could attempt IVF #5 but it's not going to happen. talk about a missed opportunity.

speaking of IVF, here are a couple photos taken yesterday on the east river. fellow IVF baby "m" and ginny had a splendid play date in the park. it was very cool! m's mom will be cycling in feb with "new RE dr d" and I'm terribly jealous. I'm happy for her but I cannot deny those familiar pangs. we have all sorts of cornell "grads" scattered throughout the city. it's pretty funny because we each have a girl... or two ("m" is an nyu "grad.") as soon as the boxes are unpacked and the pictures are hung, I'm busting out the wine glasses and hosting a cornell "reunion" for all my peeps. there are currently 6 of us (8 little girls - includes 2 sets of twins) and we're always looking for new members!


Eb said...

hi, good luck with your packing and unpacking. lovely pics - hope I get a cornell baby or two this time around!

DAVs said...

Ugh I hate packing too.
She is so beautiful!! I am envisioning so many fun days at Central Park!
Have a happy reunion--that sounds like a blast!

Eb said...

Hey, all you have to do is put http://ivf40pathtoparents.blogspot.com/
in your bar and hit and sign up to follow.

let me know if you don't have any luck.