17 July 2009


what's the deal with a lot of my favorite bloggers going private? did I miss something? I spend more time now "logging in" than reading and responding to posts. I can't keep everyone and every password straight anymore. I know I haven't been around much lately but why the trend?

I'm currently recovering from being slammed with 3 back to back RUSH projects. the apartment continues to be total chaos and I'm still sporting the same shorts that I moved in (washed of course.) I'm planning ginny's first birthday (can you believe it?!) when I find I have a little "down time." so far all I have done is picked out about 12 adorable party dress options (LOVE having a girl!) considered the menu and started designing the invitation. we are keeping the event simple and small (contrary to b's mother's wishes -- shit! she's my daughter! back off!) in the end we expect around 25 people. lots of fantastic cupcakes and little cornell babies! I can't wait!!!


Eb said...

Must so much fun dressing up your cutie! And what hope it gives me to read they are cornell babies :-)
By the way - cupcakes from crumbs - oh my, oh my indeed. and billies on 22st &9th. And close to billies is three tarts 20th &9th that has adorable mini sweets!

DAVs said...

25 sounds like a big party to me!
That sounds so fun--picking out those little dresses! Girls are the BEST!
Yeah, we went private.
I'll send you an email :)

Joy said...

I think with the discovery of a few too many blog fakers, people are trying to preserve their privacy a bit.
Not me. I refuse to be driven away by liars and cheats.
My biggest problem with private blogs is they don't show up in my google reader!

Happy b-day to the little one!! What an amazing year it's been, eh?

akoto said...

Do your ILs live stateside? Even nowadays here, first birthday parties are getting smaller and smaller as people opt to keep them to close friends and family only. It seems like your MIL just wants to be on the opposite side of where you stand with just about everything--your daughter's name, the size of the party...lol.

All the best with planning! Get some rest!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

not sure about the privacy thing...mine is open, i love reading late at night everyones posts...such great people out there!