19 July 2009

"is this your baby?"

we are very fortunate to live a few blocks away from a fantastic park. it's located right smack dab on the east river with lots of grass, shady trees and a small dog dog run -- perfect for our surly frenchie. it also has a great playground that I like to call "celebrity park." supposedly all the famous folk's kids go there (with their nannies in tow.) a suri cruise sighting is inevitable.

if we should venture to our urban oasis during the week I am usually the only mother there. it's only natural to assume that I am hired help for ginny. tall blonde lady with asian baby = imported swedish caregiver. oh well, what are you going to do. I'm already in the minority because we don't sport the UES (upper east side) required black bugaboo stroller. our stroller does the exact same thing as a bugaboo but at a fraction of the price (ha!) plus I can always spot ginny's ride in a sea of parked bugaboos by the infant swings. note to self: must teach ginny while she is young - it's good to be different. the bizarre thing is, all the nannies I have met at celebrity park take care of the children of non-working mothers. how friggin' indulgent! only in nyc would you find people to pay someone a $$$ weekly salary to raise their kids while they shop, lunch, get spa treatments, shop more...

"how old is she?" asks the old spanish woman.
10 1/2 months.

"is she walking yet?"

"look at those teeth!"
yes! she has 4 now.

"is this your baby?"
like I said, it's good to be different.

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