13 August 2009

birthday time! (plus bonus rant.)

ok. so what is the deal with RSVPs? don't people do this anymore? come on! we sent out save the date emails followed by the invitation. granted we never got around to printing the invites (ran out of time) but so many people have neglected to respond yes or no. I find this rather inconsiderate -- I guess I'm old school. clearly none of our invitees read this blog so I can bitch and moan for a minute. so how many cupcakes will we order for the party? how much eggplant parm do we need? how many bottles of wine should I buy? who the hell knows! grrrrrrr.
rant over.

so here is the final invitation. I went through numerous rounds using various photos. I just couldn't commit to one picture -- until the cloth diaper tutu butt. designers always struggle designing for themselves.

the party will be sweet and simple. no silly themes. no tiny horses. no frightening mimes. just good friends (including many IVF babies) with yummy food, lots o' drink, a couple balloons and a little girl that turns one. what an amazing year to celebrate!


Aunt Becky said...

I'm afraid to tell you that the RSVP-ing only gets more difficult as she gets older. I invited 20 odd kids to Ben's last party. 7 called. 7.

nickoletta100 said...

Sounds like a fun party! I would totally RSVP and come if we didn't live 3000 miles away!

Eb said...

OMG that photo is so amazing. Totally adorable. Just love it!

Christa said...

I put RSVP regrets only. I guess everyone is coming to Ella's party. Yea right.

DAVs said...

An amazing year to celebrate indeed!
That photo is over the top adorable!!!

Joy said...

Happy birthday little one!
And amen on the RSVPs. People are RUDE.

akoto said...

The invite is way too cute! What a great photo you picked. ^^;;

Almost no one RSVP'd to our wedding shower, which wasn't too huge a deal since it was at a buffet and we had a big room, but we had some serious issues not getting back RSVPs to our wedding. And then those that RSVP'd yes didn't come and cost us several hundred dollars. Don't even get me started.

KandiB said...

It's sooooo true...designers can never design for themselves. i have yet to send my announcements out - the pictures aren't just right, the design isn't just perfect. blah blah blah. She's 8 wks today - at this week, I'll be sending them along w/ her graduation announcements.

Have fun at your party!!

becoming-mom said...

Beautiful card!
Yeah, I don't think ANYone RSVPd to me. Seriously, no one! Well, the ones that did were people who I saw regularly and so I knew they were coming but pretty much everyone who did show up didn't rsvp. I just kind of assumed everyone was coming and most people did. Though given your mother in law's outrageous behavior that I just read about in the post above that is probably not a viable solution for you. I'd be furious!!