16 May 2007

and the results are in (not idol related)

blahhh. I am now existing with a constant low-grade nausea. b thinks it's caused by the meds as well as the lack of meds (aka antidepressant withdrawal.) I feel very out of sorts and it's difficult to stay focused. my work these days has been suffering big time. I wish I could be honest with my clients. yeah right. "I'm so sorry I spelled the brand name wrong on the packaging. kindly keep in mind those three simple letters I taught you. I, V, F ."

and I cannot button my pants. bloat, injection soreness, and the fear of a dislocated patch. it's nice to be able to work from home in my undies. unattractive, but nice. "hark! is that the doorbell?"

b had his follow-up with dr urologist. come to find out he has a genentic disorder that is affecting his swimmers. it is something that he would no doubt pass down to our son if we were to have one. this concerns dr urologist and he is suggesting PGD, heavily. any son of ours would most likely be completely infertile. with PGD they would only select girl embryos to tranfer. well you know what? that's not going to happen. at this point we don't even know if I will respond to my new and improved protocol and get any eggs to fertilize. these people are talking about poking around and editing our embryos. we decided if the genetic issues were more "serious" we would consider continuing the conversation. this whole thing sucks but there is no guarantee a son would be 100% infertile. like anything IVF related, there are no guarantees.


nickoletta100 said...

I can't believe the doctor would even suggest that. They can't know 100% and who knows what science will be available in 30 years when your son would want to make a baby. Why would your doctor think you would want to be selective at this point. Silly doctor. Glad you have your head on straight! Sorry you are so bloated, hopefully that just means good stuff is going on inside.

nickoletta100 said...

BOO! I can't post a comment on todays post for some reason so I will post it here. YAY for new RE with current magazines, kind of like good cup holders in a new car huh? I hope this one takes better care of you!