10 May 2007

what a day!

woke up this morning and my car was dead. crap. b and I tried to jump start it (thank god he was post call) and of course that didn't work. I'll say it again, crap. b asked about the amount of gas I had in the tank. I had to confess that I had been driving around all day yesterday on empty. dead car. my fault.

we filled up the neon plastic container at the local station. I went out of my way to not go to exxon. I am still furious with them for not taking responsibility for the valdez oil spill years ago. selfish bastards. despicable company.

while the attendant was getting us our change the guy next to us proceeded to drive away with the hose still in his car. everyone started screaming and the guy kept on going and tore the hose right out of the machine. what a boob.

even with $8.92 worth of gas in the car it still would not start. we finally got it running after we jumped it a second time. whew. finally. I then raced off to acupuncture at top speed.

my session was rudely interupted by a call from my RE. we talked about her IVF nurse repeatedly not getting the correct information to me. it either comes too late or not at all. you really have to be on top of your own care with this one. I am pissed now because it is most likely too late for a co-culture. bad IVF nurse. BAD!

when I got to the pharmacy to finally pick up my meds that dumbass IVF nurse forgot to call in, I noticed my lights did not and could not go out on my car. ah hah! it wasn't the driving on empty. it's the lights!

"hi dan!" "HEY P!" I love my pharmacist. I wish he was my IVF nurse. I got all teary when he handed me not 1, but 2 bags of meds. I am getting that scared feeling all over again. scared of being terribly disappointed. scared of what might "not" happen.

I then called b in a panic. he made an emergency appointment at the new local subaru dealer. I had to see someone asap because if I turned my car off the battery would die again. come to find out, when I had my car washed yesterday, someone hit a hidden switch (that I didn't know existed) that turned on the lights. the subaru guy said he sees this everyday. I think subaru needs a bit of a redesign to address this everyday problem. duh.

I got home just in time to get my precious meds into the fridge. it was after all our first real hot and humid day. come to find out the ac in my car doesn't work. is there some sort of mysterious and hidden cooling switch I don't know about?

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