19 May 2007

two words. wow!


wow! my FSH is 2.7! thank you estrogen patches AND wheatgrass!

wow! cornell is where it's at! I had my first appointment there this morning at 7 am. nothing like waking up at 4:15 on a saturday, showering, walking the dogs, and treking into manhattan in the dark. the train was packed though. some guy was actually hitting on me at 6 am. how weird is that? little did he know that I was on my way to a (not a, "THE") fertility clinic. "hi, nice to meet you. I'm on a mission now to get knocked up. beat it."

it was like a spaceship. the place was super high-tech and impeccably designed. there are computers in every room. my exam and u/s results were input by a nurse in real time at a keyboard by my feet. the RE knew all about me right off the bat. unlike the "other place" that didn't know about my missing tubes and scheduled me for an IUI. dopes. the most impressive thing is that I finally have a doctor that has an area in the exam room to place my clothes and expensive bag that I cannot afford. what a concept! a spot for your belongings!

and... everyone was pleasant and nice. another shocker. the place was spotless. AND all the magazine were current. dr k had only one issue of people magazine that I was forced to suffer through every time I was there (If you were lucky enough to snag it.) it was the golden globes issue from january. that should have been a big old red flag.

I always chuckle now when the nurse calls out my name in the waiting room. "mrs w?" (I now sport a korean surname since my nuptuals last september.) people are always a tad bit shocked when tall blondie stands up. it makes me think of that seinfeld episode when jerry meets donna chang over the phone. he gets all excited about the idea of dating an asian woman but is disappointed when a nice caucasian girl shows up. the inevitable double-takes from the nursing staff are comical.