25 May 2007

24 may 07

I survived. barely. after 210 miles on my subaru, no proper ac in the car, 3 sets of needles, a condo closing, holiday traffic on 95 in new haven, finding a tenant for broken lease, and a dreaded birthday, I was able to enjoy a glass of champagne and scrumptious chocolate cake (weighed down heavily with far too many candles.) man, I'm old. let me rephrase that. man, my eggs are old.

cornell called with some grim news. my u/s sheduled for today was switched for sunday. that sucks. this means my E2 is still low. we need to reach 200 before they consider checking out the progress (if any) of my ovaries. I think I feel a little cramping this morning. please please please! wake up dammit! you've got a job to do! even if I only have 1 simple follicle I am going for it. this is it. our only try. with that being said, I am having a giant piece of 7 layer chocolate cake for breakfast. a layer celebrating each healthy, 8-cell embryo that we are going to have next week. now THAT would be a fantastic birthday gift.

we can only hope.

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nickoletta100 said...

o gawd I hope you get good news this weekend, you deserve it so badly! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and all your wishes (although I am sure there is only one) come true!