05 October 2007

to acupuncture or not?

I'm really struggling with this one. acupuncture was a significant part of my one and only ER (1 out of 3 attempts) so I am really considering adding it to my IVF #4 regimen -- wheat grass, whey protein shakes, 20 some odd vitamin supplements, no caffeine... the cost is what is holding me back. I just don't think we can swing it at the moment especially because our dog is so sick with cancer(s). do we continue to add to and inflate our IVF dept? do we suck it up and open up a new credit card? I need some advice here ladies (and you too (in)fertile frank.)

b had a long conversation the other night with his mother. I should clarify and say he had a long "listen" to his mother the other night. she went on and on and on about her acupuncturist... in chicago. she is adamant that we travel out there to see her. yeah, ok. are you paying?

silence. "our acupuncturist is great." b said.

long silence. "no, she is NOT korean."

silence. "she's trained and specializes in fertility."

extra long silence. "YES, I have met her and I like her a lot. she's taught us a great deal about nutrition, positive thinking and preparing for IVF emotionally."

here we have another shining example of her not accepting me or my choices. just because I don't see her acupuncturist mine must be bad. all wrong. I'm just so sick and tired of all her judgments. if I am unable to give her a biological grandchild it is because I didn't do it "the right way - her way."

so back to my predicament. do I spend the "extra" funds and go for the weekly needles? what to do. what to do.


AwkwardMoments said...

i ran a poll on my blog the last iui I had about acu. The response was Acu is a huge help. I do not truly know the answer to that for truth. but just thought i'd pass it along

JJ said...

Im torn about it--I had quite a bit of acu before/during/after our IVF, and Im just not sure I saw the benefits--I was still just as anxious--didnt help my stress much=( But Im just one person...Im not AGAINST it by anymeans...so I guess Im not really helping you here, am I?=)

Michael Evans said...

Hmm, what was your impression last time? Did you think that it helped? If you think that it will make a difference then I think that you should do it. You don't want to be second guessing yourself later on (which leads to even more stress). If on the other hand, you don't really think it made an impact than I would skip it and try something else (hopefully something for affordable). Honestly, whatever YOU choose will be the right decision.

p.s. I am so sad for your dog. Lucky to have you two as family.

nickoletta100 said...

I am a strong believer in acu and had my acupuncturist come to the transfer. She did a session before and after along with my regular weekly appointments. I credit my BFP in part to the acupuncture so I am biased. I say do it. You are doing so much already. I would hate for you to have any regrets later on.

Anonymous said...

I think acu is a huge help, but if cost is an issue, maybe you could compromise and just do it before and after transfer to get the blood flowing to the uterus. That's what the one major study about acu and IVF studied and they found it helped.

Just found your blog recently. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Definitely try acupuncture. I see a medical doc who is also trained in Chinese Med, and she sees lots of women who want to conceive, and she feels it has real benefit. I saw her for 6 months before I tried to get pregnant (really to reduce impact of an inflammatory bowell but with a boost to fertility too) and I got pregnant on my third cycle. Nothing to lose, because it will reduce your stress if nothing else.