01 April 2008

18w4d belly pic

clearly not taken professionally but you get the idea. I apologize for the decapitation. bad hair day.

please note: butt and boobs are considerably larger than pre-pregnancy. objects may appear smaller in photo.

and still no flutters or bubbles or "goldfish sensations." I'm so bummed.


Rachel Inbar said...

I wouldn't mind looking that thin now... (not pregnant :-)) You look great!

Joy said...

You're so adorable.
I'm jealous that you look pregnant. Though you can keep the extra boobage.
I'm getting little twitters and taps every once in a while but it feels a lot like gas. The only way I confirmed I wasn't crazy was by listening to my "gas" with the Doppler.
And it seems like I feel it more if I lean forward a bit where my belly is touching my legs.
Some people have to lay back and be very, very still.
But it's still early, too.. And I had a day yesterday where I didn't feel anything. (and of course, panicked.)

AwkwardMoments said...

Look how adorable you are! Ihope those feelings come very soon for you!

Erin said...

Cute cute cute! I can't wait for my bump.

nickoletta100 said...

The kicks will come!! They will!!! A friend of mine didn't feel them til 24 weeks :( I really hope you feel them sooner, it is such a wonderful weird feeling!!! You look fantastic!

Aunt Becky said...

Your bump is gorgeous.

And hey, the weird flutters will come. It's such a neat feeling.

Portia P said...

You look very compact.

Bring on the flutters. x