21 April 2008

call me tubby! I'M HUGE!

21w3d. yikes! I've got fat feet!

something happened during this past week. not only did I really "pop" I'm expanding universally -- every possible direction (except in hair growth.) long golden locks will continue to be an unattainable fantasy. I was away for a few days up at my sister's. we did a lot of shopping (summer mat clothes and misc gear for little one) and every mirror that I passed was even more shocking than the one before. I have almost completely grown out of round 1 maternity wear AND I have 18 more weeks to go. oh my. super tight does not = a super good look.

b was out in the midwest (yes, he woke up to the earthquake) at a 3 day cardio thoracic fellows meeting (good times no doubt.) when I saw him on sunday he asked if my sisters had noticed a big change in... "my girth." nice. my child bearing hips are in full swing now (and then some.)

little one has been very active since the 20w milestone. I felt him/her kick from the outside for the very first time while in bed on saturday night. this was crazy exciting! (and I have to admit, a little odd too.) then last night while sitting and chatting on the couch b felt his son or daughter for the first time as well. he got to experience a nice big kick (or was it a punch? -- non aggressive I hope) talk about an amazing "welcome home dad!"


nickoletta100 said...

It all sounds wonderful!! Enjoy the showing and the kicking!!!

AwkwardMoments said...

I have seen your picture - thre is no way you are huge!! I bet you look pregnant and adorable!

Yah for baby kicks!

Aunt Becky said...

I think I'll always miss those kicks.

(don't worry, dude. You'll go through probably two more rounds of maternity clothes. And you'll look huge and beautiful and everything).

Joy said...

I wonder when I'll get to feel something from the outside?
(You're my pace-car for the record. *LOL*) I'm thinking my substantial fat layer is going to muffle that a good while longer.

Congrats on both of you getting to feel it, though. I really want David to feel it.. I'm hoping it makes it more "real" to him.

As for expanding.. Hmm. on the one hand- COOL.. on the other hand.. Hmmm.
I'm only expanding sideways. So I still just look fatter and not remotely pregnant.
I'm sure you look adorable, though!

Where was B? I'm in St. Louis.. the earthquake freaked my shit out! And we keep having after shocks now.

Portia P said...

It's so exciting!

I also don't believe you're huge. I'll bet you're 'pregnant gorgeous' sized! I still look fat - at that stage where people don't even consider that i might be pg, just lardy.

Oh, can't wait to feel kicks. I so hope I get there!!