14 April 2008

weekend recap

first of all, little one is squirming around BIG TIME! I love it! he/she is especially active when I snack or drink anything sweet. that's when I feel all the little "bubbles" and "thumps" in my belly. b is convinced it's gas. he can be such a buzz kill at times.

I started knitting a teeny tiny sweater for when we leave the hospital. it's knit out of bamboo, if you can believe it, and it's remarkably soft. who would have thought? I'll buy 2 sets of buttons (pink and blue) and sew those on after little one makes an appearance. little sweaters knit quickly and are instant gratification. it will be so damn cute!

prenatal yoga was quite good this week. did I really say that? I actually enjoyed it I think. maybe not so much on sunday -- I was pretty sore. but it was a good sore. the poses are still very awkward though when sporting a belly. my stretching partner is 39 weeks and was experiencing weird pains. please, PLEASE do not let your water break while I'm supporting you in this pose.

I purchased my first official baby product (thanks baby twiglet!) now only 119 more items to go!

b and I finally agreed on a crib and changing table. I love this bedding as well (if little one should happen to be a he.)

and... I'm half way there! 20 weeks!!!


AwkwardMoments said...

I love that bag. I have it in the green/blue colors.

and Migi splash was one of our choices.

Good purchases!

Joy said...

I'm sure it's not gas. I'll kick b in the shins.
I was trying to convince myself mine was gas but I checked with the Doppler and my "gas" had a heartbeat. You're not crazy.

Congrats on halfway. Right behind you!

(Bedding is adorable!)

nickoletta100 said...

YAY you did get the same diaper bag!!! We will match next time we see each other. That is sooooo cool! Love the furniture, you did good in picking simple but lovely!

Aunt Becky said...


Isn't movement weird? Enjoy it now before it starts to hurt!

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the comment...the crib and bedding is great! That's one of my favorites! Maybe next time b has gas, convince him the babies are kicking...eventually he'll become a believer!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the brochure for that furniture on my desk right now! The migi splash bedding is super cute too.