22 May 2008



my home. there is no place anywhere that is more special to me. this is where I grew up. I've witnessed some wicked storms here. I stood in this very spot and got married to b. I've attempted to swim in the cold waters off these rocks. I've enjoyed so many memorable family holidays and lobster feasts here. I've spent hours and hours sitting on this lawn mesmerized by the waves or looking at the stars. my mom passed away here.

my home.

it pains me that little one will never experience this cherished spot like all my nephews once did. I can only hope he or she will get to meet his or her grandfather. this upsets me terribly.


AwkwardMoments said...

look how pretty you and the view are!

Portia P said...

You look great and the green grass goes brilliantly with your blog!

Take care


Aunt Becky said...


I'm thinking of you all.

Anonymous said...

So sorry for all the sadness that doesn't seem to end :(

You look beautiful though, as does the gorgeous view..

nickoletta100 said...

It looks like a beautiful spot and you look beautiful in it!

Steph said...

You look so great pregnant!!!!

Jessica White said...

It's beautiful there! I have yet to visit Maine, but it is on my list.

Best Wishes.