02 May 2008

down 5+ lbs

deflated and sick (again) in bed (dr's orders.)

little one and I are sporting a nice infection at the moment (sorry little one. my fault.) the coughing. the sneezing. my eyes ache. even my teeth hurt for crying out loud! and believe me, I've cried.

today is the first day I am up and about "functioning." I'm behind with work and our place is a disaster. b is also sickly (sorry b. my fault.)

when I first started to feel like total crap (in pic below) I of course called my favorite, dr f. the staff (they suck) said I needed to see a gp for a dx. when I explained that I didn't have a pcp, they gave me a few names to call. I proceeded to contact each and every dr but nobody could see me (as a new patient)... until june! "it's april people! I'm 22 weeks pregnant and very sick!" a few dumbasses suggested a local walk-in clinic. are you joking? I live in an incredibly sketchy part of town. god only knows what I/we could catch at my friendly neighborhood clinic. so here I am caught in the middle of medical no-man's land, 22 weeks pregnant and very sick, and nobody will see me.

the worst part is that I cannot take anything (kinda like drugs) for some relief! I literally wept while watching b enthusiastically sip theraflu. "GIVE ME A HIT!" no way. I was left to inhale a simple pot of boiled water with chamomile tea bags. lame.

hopefully now ((touch wood)) I am on the mend. time to eat much and plump back up!


Aunt Becky said...

Being sick while pregnant is simply awful. Many hopes that you return to normal ASAP.

AwkwardMoments said...

Oh get to feeling better!

jp said...

So sorry you've been sick.
There is so much ick going around.
Hope you are on the mend!

nickoletta100 said...

Oh no! That sounds awful!!! Sounds like you need to see one of those doctors in June just so you can see them the next time you need them! Glad you are feeling better!

Joy said...

Oh you poor thing. And yeah.. the no drug thing is torture. Last time hubby had a cold I was avoiding him. He kept acting like I was nuts. Finally I ended up snapping at him that HE can take drugs and feel better. If (when) I get sick, I just get to suffer. I REALLY dont' want to get sick any more than I already have.
Doesn't help that we're immunosupressed anyway.
Hope you're feeling better!