15 January 2009

"I'm ok. I'm just reshaping."

she's not so happy, our little sensitive one. ginny is very much aware of the head band. I don't care what people say, she definitely knows it's there sitting tight and hard on her tiny head. we have a game that we play whenever we're on the couch. these days it is a very different experience.

"one, two... THREEEEEEE" and I lift her high above my head so she can see her drooly reflection in the mirror. I used to (past tense) get huge smiles and giggles. NOW all I get is a blank expression. how sad is THAT?!

"ohhhh. how cute. how old is she?" a typical comment on a typical trip to walgreens. NOW all I get is a quick glance into the infant seat and then they're gone. the general public is terrified of the head band. TERRIFIED I tell you! ginny has gone from being rather popular and adored to being completely neglected and ignored. "it's not contagious people!"

so when someone says that this is harder on me than it is on her I beg to differ. it's a nice thought but it's not true. the head band has no give whatsoever and constantly pulls on her wispy locks. it's a sweaty mess when I take it off for that one precious hour each night. the sharp point in the front was bruising her left eyelid when she slept (it has since been filed down.) it's bulky and gets in the way when we cuddle. it just plain sucks.

so please, my fair readers, do me a favor. if you come across a wee one in your travels sporting a similar head band (aka dynamic orthotic cranioplasty for plagiocephaly -- say that 10 times fast!) please give him/her a nice, big, heartfelt "hello there! you look very cute today."


AwkwardMoments said...

Anything for you!

Aunt Becky said...

Always do, my friend. I know how self conscious you must feel (different reasons, same outcome) and I'm sorry. Give Ginny a smootchie for me and tell her that I think she looks cute as a button.

nickoletta100 said...

I promise I will. Thank you for sharing. Hugs to you both

DAVs said...

Will do! Thanks for the advice.
And she does look super adorable!

Eb said...

Your baby look adorable. She has a glorious face and wonderful cheeks and eyes that made me smile. So sorry this is hard for the both of you. How long does she have to have to helmet for?

Anonymous said...

I think Ginny is still a very beautiful little lady. (((Hugs)))