08 January 2009

our very brave little girl

she hates it.

I hate it.

this sucks!


A said...

My best friend's little boy was in his helmet for 6 months (6-12m) for tortocolis (sp?)... 1st week was HARD she said, the rest was just like socks, or a shirt... you get used to it. But I do think you need some stickers or glitter on that shiny new helmet!
At least she'll never remember it.... unfortunately you will.

AwkwardMoments said...

Bute she is so darn cute!

I am sorry

Aurelia said...

She will get used to it, the secret is to just stick to the schedule, and eventually both of you will be ok.

I assume that you are also using lots of cream on any red spots and lots of cornstarch to prevent sticking or rubbing?

Take care.