05 January 2009

life with an biracial baby

shaws supermarket. monday 5 jan 09. 4:20 pm.

"Is that your grandbaby?"

huh? "what?... ummm... no. she's mine."

I REALLY feel like vomiting. shit, I know I'm old.

"ohhhhh. you adopted!"

(((gulp))) "no. I had her myself."

long awkward silence.

"but she looks like. looks to be... "



"my husband is korean."

"oh. paper or plastic?"

"neither. I brought my own bags"


Aunt Becky said...

Oh, have I been there or what. Ben looks interracial and I've had to explain it over and over again. I'm always shocked to hear people make mention of it. How rude is that?

squarepeg said...

holy shit- you gotta get out of that place. Were you at ghetto shaws or at SNS? UGH. SO sorry. There would be no similar questions here!

So happy to hear there is light at the end of that tunnel...

Anonymous said...

At least you only have one. I had twins (IVF/ICSI) and people ask me ALL the time how I conceived. Strangers!

I get so annoyed, I tell them I had sex twice in one night.

Their faces are priceless.


Rachel Inbar said...

Learn to enjoy it :-)

My daughter looks nothing like me (dark hair, eyes and skin). At the end of the school year one year, one mother asked me why I always bring her to school along with my son... (she's a twin). I got a kick out of that :-)

Caba said...

OMG! I can't believe some idiot said that to you! Try not to take it to heart, people are stupid.

Thalia said...

My best friend has this problem - she is black, her husband is white, and 2 of her three girls are very pale skinned. People always ask her if she is their nanny!

Yolen said...

What a rude a-hole. That person couldn't just say the baby was cute as hell and leave it at that?! Sadly, this is just the beginning. Stupid people!

AwkwardMoments said...

Seriously ... are you kidding.. What an Ass!

Joy said...

oh shit. People are effing AMAZING.

but I seriously just snorted at "I had sex twice in one night." I'm telling that to all my friends with twins who get "the question."

Mimi said...

Aren't you glad that you're not that stupid?! I was 43 yers old when I had my biracial (b/w) daughter and I get more Grandma remarks than interracial, but anyone that asks just to be nosey needs to get embarrassed by the person being asked! Oh, and this summer I'll become the Granmda of a biracial (b/w) baby by my other daughter... LOL, bring them on!!! I just love telling people that I TRIED to have my baby! (LOL, sex lives don't have to end at 40!!!)