07 January 2009

today's the day.

the dreaded day. we pick up the helmet.

this sweet, chubby, drooly face. she has no idea what's coming -- poor thing. she had her 4 month shots on monday and has been in a state ever since -- fever, loss of appetite, serious crankiness. I've been in a state myself. I nearly pummeled the plumber yesterday who came to investigate the mysterious source of our christmas morning flood in the basement (2 inches of water in some spots.) of course the water is long gone now thanks a wet vacuum. "there's no leak. it's dry down here." he tells me in. dumbass. he's lucky he got out of my basement alive.

what a shitty week.

(but take note of those awesome neck muscles! good job little girl!)


Rachel Inbar said...

Awww. The helmet is temporary. I'm sure she'll get used to it and won't mind it much... and you're doing it for her own good.


nickoletta100 said...

She is sooooo cute!!!

DAVs said...

She is so super adorable!