14 May 2007

mother's day

the pug surprised me with a decorative bag attached to his collar. "the kids" got me a cute (and very small) pajama set and a card with a photo of a dog apologizing for being a pain in the ass. it couldn't be more appropriate -- the card that is. it's nice to think that DH imagines me as a tiny person. it's sweet but not very perceptive. for dinner he took me out for thai food. hey! where did he get that extra cash?

aside from the generous gifts and fantastic weather the day was a little sad. of course it was sad. there were mothers everywhere! but in my case, my mom has passed away, the infertility treatments failed me and b's mom hates me. "mom" is a very sensitive subject around here. why can't there be a day to celebrate those who are trying with all their power to be mothers? "infertile's day." a day to recognize those who are unhappy and struggling with the heartache, all the waiting, the hormonal assaults! shit! we have a secretary's day! it's the infertiles that live in silence and isolation that really need a kind note or tulips to show support (and of course a pleasant meal out.) I can see it now. hallmark. "to my lovely wife. thanks for shooting up twice a day and tolerating the unpleasant bloating and all the menopur inspired breakdowns. Happy Infertile's Day! love ya!"

we're off and running! actually, it's more like a slow, lumbering stroll when you have a french bulldog in tow. I applied my first estrogen patch yesterday, mother's day, for IVF #2. my ganirelix injections begin tonight at 7 pm. dr s took me off my antidepressant. oh, joy.

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nickoletta100 said...

I say everyday is infertile's day!!!

YAY for IVF #2, I sure hope this is the one for you!!!!