12 June 2007

drive-by shooting

DH is on call. it's 8:45 pm and my progesterone shot is due in 15 minutes. I pack my ziplock baggy with all my drug paraphernalia. PIO, check. alcohol swabs, check. syringe, check. 22G 1 1/2 needle, check. car keys, check.

I usually meet b in hospital but he's busy tonight. I pull into the main entrance, park by the front door and page him. our secret code is 111 - "I'm here." while I sit and wait I observe all the hospital activity. crutches, flowers, lots of families. there he his looking all handsome in his sparkling white, impeccably pressed lab coat. it's pretty obvious I don't do his laundry. engine still running, he jumps in, qives a quick kiss and prepares the goods. I get out of the car, run around to the passenger side, pull down my pants and "OUCH! ya' got me!" we can only hope that my bruised, puffy, naked ass didn't ruin someone's meal in the hospital cafeteria. so sorry.

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