08 June 2007

FRAGILE handle with care

packing sucks! I am tired. I am hot. I am a total nervous nelly. I've had a constant lingering ache (not cramp) on my left side since yesterday and it concerns me. my left ovary was the hardworking and cooperative ovary. it actually bothered me all through my stims. you'd think a week post ER I would feel back to "normal." what is normal these days anyway? I called my RE and she is out today goofin' off. an on-call fellow rang me back.

"are you doubled-over in pain?"
"your estrogen and progesterone levels seem fine. it's probably not torsion."...(what's torsion?)
"should I worry?"
"cramping is normal."...(it's an ache.)
"so I should ignore it?"
"don't ignore it."
"ok. thanks for calling."

what the hell did we just talk about? that conversation was as productive as my right ovary.

of course my little head (with ancient ratty haircut and lacking professional "sun kissed" highlights) has been spinning. a person my age and with my tubal surgery history has a 20-50% chance of ectopic. crap. if it's not one thing to worry about it's another. the 2ww should really be the 2www. the 2 week wait and worry.

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