02 June 2007


what a cool idea. b thought of this when we were discussing our 2 embryos that are currently growing/dividing in a petri dish on the upper east side of manhattan. 2 out of the 4 fertilized. 1 was immature and the 3rd, for whatever reason, decided not to fertilize. so we have 2! a live IVFcam would be awesome. divide baby divide!

I couldn't sleep a wink last night. I was petrified. are the eggs healthy? are they too old? did any fertilize? are b's swimmers and my eggs compatible? would they dig each other? oh, the thoughts going through my little head. I knew we would get "the call" sometime between 10 am and 1 pm. I figured the closer the call was to 10 the better the news would be. a call at 12:45 could only mean no embryos. the woman ringing everyone up saves the worst for last, right? I was up at 7:45 waiting by my phone(s). I even carried them with me to the bathroom. it rang at 10:40. whew. the news must be positive.

after calling b and my family I rang my acupuncturist. she has 3 possibly 4 transfers on monday. this means 4 of us had successful ERs on friday -- the full moon. she has never experienced so many transfer sessions in one day. I will have a one hour appointment before the transfer and then she will come to my home post transfer for another set of needles. she is following the same protocol that was published in that infamous article. the study that had amazing results when adding acupuncture before and after embryo transfer. then I will be bedridden for 2 days. thank god for professional dog walkers.

2 little embryos. the potential for 2 little lives that are just beginning. what a miracle this would be.

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nickoletta100 said...

I feel so positive for you and it sounds like you do too!!! Good luck today, enjoy your embies!

I am going to NYC on Sunday, do you still want to try to get together? I understand if you want to just take it easy though. Let me know :) nickoletta100 at hotmail dot com