01 June 2007

the moon is full

"The moon affects water, tides, our bodily fluids and the sap in plants, and for centuries planting and harvesting have been guided by the moon. The moon has also long been associated with women, magic and fertility."

"The phases of the Moon relate to the relation between the Sun and the Moon with the point of view of the land. In the feminine cycle, the Full Moon corresponds to the ovulation. It is the period of fertility, of fullness, where it has the possibility to generate life. In agriculture, the Full Moon marks the moment of the harvest for medicinal plants and it also marks the time to sow fruitful trees."

4 eggs retrieved today. I am tired and crampy at the moment but I do feel much better than expected. and no vomiting or nausea! woo hoo! it is so friggin' hot and humid though. I was excited to take b's car into the city this morning because he has functioning air conditioning. it functioned for about 5 minutes only. and we got a $65 parking ticket. oh well. another unexpected dip into our ever-dwindling IVF fund.

4 tiny eggs. we find out in the morning how many, if any, fertilized. it is a strange feeling thinking that possibly the begining of our little family is growing in a petri dish at this very moment. it's indeed possible. "stay positive! it only takes one." I'm already feeling protective, maternal. no doubt our cells are in the best hands and are getting great care.

"the moon is full and gorgeous! cornell work your magic! grow and multiply tiny cells! grow!"

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