10 July 2007

a "fresh" start


I met with my new "infertility" acupuncturist. oh man. he is a far cry from angela. I asked around (the 3 people I've met) and his name kept coming up as being the best (or maybe the ONLY) acupuncturist in town. he did say he had a few IVF patients from the yale clinic. after some more detailed discussions, a few turned into 1 - ONE! as far as I know this patient is undergoing acupuncture for sciatica relief.

"do you every experience bouts of anger?"

"it's funny you should ask that." the pug is torturing me. since the move he has yet to find any spots worthy of his pee and poop. what a dope. he constantly lifts his leg and then decides he'd rather move on to find a better, more desirable tree to pee on. he loves to relieve himself at the dog park though. he pooped there 3 times yesterday! so now he won't go in the morning or at night and just holds it until the 5 pm dog park walk. he holds it!!!! if we are lucky I'll get a tablespoon out of him. dopey.

this morning the heat and humidity were painful. the pug had consumed a lot of water last night and I knew he had to go. the frenchie (panting heavily after 30 seconds outside) was "empty" in a matter of moments. "good girl pookie." the pug, as always, dragged the three of us up and down the streets of new haven (in the scorching sun mind you) searching for "the spot." the elusive spot. it was so friggin' hot I could feel the sweat literally running down the back of my legs. poor lulu was struggling to breath and had to be carried. I carried her! and the pug - sniff, sniff, sniff, snort, sniff - NOTHING!

oh...... I experienced a bout of anger. I wanted to kill him (well not really.) and it cannot be healthy for his kidneys waiting every 24 hours to pee. but what do you do? I tried rewarding him with treats but he is a pug. if he knows I have food all he does is walk 3 steps, stare at me, walk 3 steps, stare...

"pee dammit! just pee for crying out loud! this majestic oak tree is perfect! that beautiful birch tree is an awesome spot! these hosta plants couldn't be better! peeeeee please!"

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Anonymous said...

ooh...sorry about peeing problems with your pug. i know he's not a puppy and its probably just adjusting to new environment, but have you tried those sprays? i cant remember the name, but you spray it where he would sniff, and it makes them want to go pee. its usually used to train puppies to go outside instead of indoors. wish you luck!