16 July 2007

home improvement 1-2-3

paint kitchen. hate the sheen. repaint kitchen.

paint bathroom. hate the color. repaint bathroom.

we spackled, primed and painted so much yesterday that our feet literally hurt. our feet!

moving sucks. I just really, REALLY want to feel settled once again. I wake up every morning feeling pretty good. then... I look around our bedroom. gross. boxes everywhere. crap stacked upon more crap. I'm good at that. I collect crap then I store it.

it feels awesome to be working again. my new project is fantastic and I'm diggin' it. it's pretty damn creative and interesting. but when one is working one is not unpacking or painting or repainting. the money will be good though - we sooooo need it. IVF stims start in less than 2 weeks. b's first paycheck as a fellow came on friday and it is considerably smaller than what we are used to. nothing like working harder and having more responsibility and making less. american express is really loving me right now. as we slip deeper into infertility dept all I have to show for it is an overflowing sharps container, 2 leftover cartridges of follistim and an empty uterus.


AwkwardMoments said...

AHhhhhhhhhhhhhh we are moving in 14 days ... I hate moving. Good luck on the next cycle. I am very glad that you are diggin what you are doin.. that's so awesome - many people do not have that luxury. blessings

nickoletta100 said...

Hopefully you wont have that empty uterus much longer. Sounds like we will start stims at about the same time!

Glad you are enjoying work, the distraction must be nice for you, you can always unpack later. I do hear you on wanting to feel settled though, I hope you get that very soon!