06 July 2007

it was nice while it lasted

b's fellowship has kicked in. those 2 weeks post residency that he wasn't working were such a luxury. now I am all alone left to unpack and organize, deal with cranky contractor/plummer/electrician, and tend to all the other assorted challenging home owner responsibilities. we were initially told he could take call from home. well that was a blatant lie. even post-call b doesn't get home until late the next day. I cannot possibly paint this entire place, hang curtains and go through IVF #3 without his assistance. he better be up front and honest with his attendings straight away before the days of ER and ET arrive. they'll be here before you know it. "so sorry. no cardiac surgery for you! I need to have my eggs retrieved!"

we had dinner the other night with a fellow resident from westchester. he is also now technically a fellow. so I guess we had dinner with a fellow fellow. I was all excited for a new and instant friend - his wife. the anesthesiologist had recently moved up here as well. they brought their 15 month old daughter (very cute and sweet) to dinner AND they mentioned in passing that they were pregnant. no ordinary pregnancy. an unplanned pregnancy - a mistake goddammit! the wife didn't even know how far along she was. based on her stats I informed her she was probably due the second week in march. she looked at me like I was totally nutty. how could I possibly know that? I just suffered through a failed IVF missy. oh, I know these things.

I cannot be friends with a pregnant lady right now. especially one who doesn't want to be pregnant. our friendship was certainly short and sweet. at least my meal was yummy.


M said...

Certainly don't blame you for avoiding her for now- you really do need to protect yourself!

nickoletta100 said...

I am so sorry you didn't get to make a new friend. I wish you lived closer!!! I don't think I could take on any new pg friends right now either. I have one and that is enough.