03 July 2007

where's the "welcome" casserole?

the neighbors so far kinda suck. our contractor/plummer/electrician was hoping to access the troubled pipes through kind neighbor 16's apartment. we discovered their bathroom is renovated with the exception of our shared shower wall. "so let let guy in please!" nope. kind neighbor 16 literally hung up on our contractor/plummer/electrician. HUNG UP!

with the move I brought 7 containers filled with assorted plants and flowers. they are the talk of the new hood so I hear. the "condo president" was so impressed that he asked if I could possibly plant the giant empty planter in front of our units. fine. I have nothing better to do, right? I went to home depot, yet again, and spent $50 on whatever was on sale. while up to my elbows in dirt, peatmoss and perlite our fellow condo owners walked right by with no acknowledgment of what I was doing. one lady was clearly annoyed by the dogs which were tied to our front door. Come ON! a simple "hey, that looks nice." or " thanks for taking care of that eyesore." nada!

neighbor 22 was so bold as to ask b how much we spent on our unit. what? I figure the next time I run into her I will ask her what her salary is after taxes. she saw b come home from work wearing scrubs and proceeded to follow him and ask for medical advice. now THAT has got to stop. we are not operating a free clinic here. the doctor is NOT in!

the rest of the neighbors continue to stop, stare and linger right in front of our windows. it's very creepy. when will the novelty of being "new" wear off?


nickoletta100 said...

Wow, did you move to another planet? I thought LA was bad...

I am sure the flowers are beautiful!

Michael Evans said...

How could anyone not like those dogs? And free landscaping?! Maybe they have been rendered speechless by their good fortune. Well, I am sure that you will have the neighbors won over by the fall.

Rachel said...

Wow.. Yikes. That's bad! And just bc he's wearing scrubs doesn't always mean dr! He could be a nursing assistant for all they know!