18 July 2007


no more. I've reached my limit with personal belongings. NO MORE THINGS!

I was born into a family of hardcore shoppers. I remember the days of being very small and sitting and waiting on the steps of the original filene's basement in downtown boston. "meet me back here in 2 hours. here's money for a hotdog." my mom would say. off she went to spend (while saving) money. saks and barneys for less. many bargains to behold.

I cannot escape it. shopping is in my blood. high FSH is in my blood. I cannot rid myself of that either. shit.

I have a small and growing collection of generous wedding/birthday giftcards. no joke. target. villeroy and boch. 2 separate macy's cards. pottery barn. tj maxx. a consumer's dream come true - all that plastic! and no aprs or late fees! these are fantastic and very much appreciated gifts don't get me wrong. we just really need to be very selective and conscious of our purchases. no more shoes! ( I cannot believe I am saying that.) we will be packing boxes and moving yet again after b's fellowship ends. 2 - 3 years from now. gross.

moving changes your perspective on stuff. packing puts you in touch with every single item you own. do I really require all these candle holders, rolls of wrapping paper or black turtlenecks? this past month I realized b and I have everything we could possibly need or want in our life. however, there is just one thing blatantly (and painfully) missing. a child of our own.


AwkwardMoments said...

uuuuuuugh - im moving in 2 weeks and I haven't even started packing yet - i went through and started piles for Charity and Trash first

Joy said...

Moving sucks. And yes.. the only thing that wouldn't be a pain to pack & move would be a kid, crib, toys, etc etc.
Every time I move, I consider just dumping it all and starting over. It would be worth it, I swear.

nickoletta100 said...

OH yeah. I lived in England for 16 months and had all my stuff in storage. When I came back and started going through it all I was truly amazed at what crap I stored! I got rid of so much stuff after that. I think everyone needs a move every few years so they can clean out the crap!

Rachel said...

We moved back into our house (after a temporary removal for Dh's med school program- 9 months) and have been here almost 2 months. I still have 5-7 totes in the garage that I don't want to unpack bc I'm just sure if I'm living fine without it, I don't need it.

Dh on the other hand wants his garage empty! :-0

I also come from a shopping/bargain hunting family.

sister j said...

helloooo! i have finally logged on...can you believe it??!!! loved todays blog...i can totally relate to part of it!