31 August 2007

it's a "go!"

I got the green light to proceed with IVF #3 (or is it #2.5?) the cyst has fizzled to an unremarkable size and my estrogen levels are spectacular. FINALLY!

I have more follicles this time too! 3 on one side and 4 on the other. the last cycle I only had 2, total, to start with.

:::::: lifting our new simon pearce wine glass high in the air (wedding gift received a week ago) with a splash of pinot noir (for the sake of celebration) :::::::

cheers to a positive cycle! cheers to our little chilli! to growing follicles and shrinking tumors!


nickoletta100 said...

YAYAYAYAAYAY!! Just saw the post on TTTC and had to jump on the blog to see if there were more details. YAY for all the follies. You must feel so good right now with all the good news!!! 3rd time is the charm right?! Hugs to you, smile all weekend and soak it in, you'll be pregnant very soon!

AwkwardMoments said...

OOOOOH FANTABULOUS !!! Yeh for great news all around. Gotta love it when your body is doing what it is supposed to!!

*hahaha about the bull head.. That would make more sense why its so stubborn ;)

Knock Me Up said...

This is great news. Best of luck for this cycle.