21 August 2007

little follow-up after "a's" comment below

I just have to make it incredibly clear that I have treated my MIL from day 1 with nothing but respect. for example, I spent the majority of my wedding day in a korean costume after a VERY long traditional korean ceremony. I barely had any time in the beautiful white silk dress that cost me a fortune and that I loved so much. the ceremony was so time consuming and once it was over my guests started to leave. how is that for respect?

she is in america now and we do things a little differently over here. I don't bow to my elders but I am certainly very respectful towards them. that is how I was raised. I am also devoted to her son. I was able to help him out financially on many occasions and buy our home based on my personal funds I earned from my own business and tons of hard work. I clean the house. I shop for groceries. I cook the majority of the meals. she has got to snap out of this religious haze and accept the reality that I can be "not korean" AND a good person. if she loves her son it's time she learned(?) to be nice to me. isn't that what jesus would do?

and what if b and I should have a child? her visits will be few and far between unless I start getting the respect I deserve.

sorry "a" you struck a nerve. I could go on and on with stories about her rejecting me. that would be a different blog entirely.


nickoletta100 said...

it sounds like you do not have a nice 3 day weekend planned. I am so sorry about this. Is it possible for you to go to someones house for the weekend? Take your own vacation and leave MIL with DH? I am sure she would be happy with that and you would be MUCH happier.

Best of luck to you, I hope the 3 days flies by.

AwkwardMoments said...

UGH..that's about the nicest thing i can say! ;)

Anonymous said...

ok - i just wrote a whole comment, but it disappeared.

shorter version - i didnt mean to imply that you were disrespectful. sorry. i only tried to explain maybe the reason why she's so mean to you. it might help if you understood where she was coming from

good luck with everything.