02 August 2007

reduce, reuse, recycle.

on a very sad note, Trish over at fertile hope is coping with a m/c. I am very sad for her. I was thrilled to add her to my BFP peeps list. poor thing.

on an angry note, some might think I verbally assaulted a neighbor's elderly father this morning. I am turning into the condo dumpster police recycling bully. the older, non-english speaking, chinese man had an armful of plastic and he was on his way to the dumpster. if there is one thing I am passionate about, it's recycling. it's easy to do. it takes so little effort. it makes a difference! of the 22 units in our complex only 8 recycle. EIGHT! that's criminal! I counted the bins before they were picked up yesterday morning. come on people! not recycling is yet another example of selfish me me me behavior.

I stopped the poor man in his tracks and tried my best to communicate "NO! NO dumpster! recycle please." the more I repeated this the louder it got. he laughed but I think he understood me in the end. my new mission now is to get on the condo board and make recycling a priority around here. I am the condo dumpster police recycling bully and I am watching you!


Joy said...

You made me cry. Thanks for the shout out. I hope to be added back to the list again in a few months. With you.


sister j said...

the visual of you bullying that man makes me laugh...mum and dad would be so proud of you for standing up for your beliefs...for that matter,so am i!!