01 November 2007

it's november. time to start IVF

the sofa is coming! the sofa is coming!

tomorrow sometime between noon and 4 pm. I'm freaking out. what if I don't like it? there's a good chance it will look entirely different in my little home. a giant piece of furniture only looks bigger in a small space and I fear the "living room" will be all sofa. I'm a huge fan of buying and returning. hand towels (wrong color) and sweaters (what was I thinking?) are much easier to return though.

we survived halloween. we had a handful of enthusiastic trick or treaters - a princess, a witch, a cop, and a bunch of questionable costumes (oversized clothing and face paint.) b and I handed out gummy body parts - appropriate treats from a surgeon. the little girl in the tiara looked frightened and bothered when she reached into the candy bowl and took out a finger and a foot.

unfortunately, I had the perfect dramatic costume. one that could scare the living daylights out of anyone. the rash... is back. all I needed was a bikini top to terrify the entire neighborhood. a pale and flabby back covered in multiplying and traveling red splotches. that's scary stuff. run for your life people!


AwkwardMoments said...

a co-worker broughtin those gummy bodyparts..YUMMY i loved those. GOod luck with the couch. I hope it's just want you imagined.

nickoletta100 said...

hahahaha about the body parts! That si fantastic! Sorry about the rash :(

firemansflame said...

Hey! The gummy body parts are too funny!

I sent you an e-mail about your "rash" - if you want more info - let me know!

Your fellow nestie