21 March 2008

four hundred!

my BIL and I did a little math this morning over breakfast. we (or I should clarify) he figured I injected roughly 370 needles this past year. this includes 4 rounds of stims, PIO, and hcg. am I missing something? if you factor in the needles used for b/w then we are talking... um... 400+ syringes. damn.

even though I may have 400+ tiny holes in my body, there are no complaints. little one is COMPLETELY and TOTALLY worth each and every "ouch!"


AwkwardMoments said...

Ouch, but impressive! You have been beat by a kland slide and i still inject myself daily with lovenox and did a few rounds of injections hcg/bravelle

Joy said...


I only had 2 injections since I was the Clomid superstar.. and they were just teeny trigger shots.

But if we throw in all the b/w.. well.. That's a lot of poking. And not in a good way. Particularly because I think maybe 3 times in my life can I think of only being stuck once for a test.

But definitely worth it.

Portia P said...

Oh my!

I think that with my 5 cycles esp the 5th with its daily bloodwork, twice a day Clexane and gestone (that i'm still doing) PLUS the immune testing (sometimes 17 syringes per session!) and IVIg I may well be up there with you.

It's scary isn't it?!

I'm getting needle exhaustion, but, as you say it's worth every pricking jab!!

I definitely will never think twice about a blood draw or innoculation again.

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, your poor body!

Those're some serious injections!

Caba said...

That's way too many shots!! Ugh! But all worth it for the end result!

nickoletta100 said...

yes, definitely worth every ouch!!!