14 March 2008

slumber police

wow. am I tired or what. I have not had a decent nights sleep since monday -- the day before I was instructed to change my sleeping ways.

I am a HUGE back sleeper. big fan. but sadly, no more. at week 16 you are no longer allowed to sleep on your back because this position puts added pressure on the aorta and vena cava. you risk cutting off blood flow to the baby. what a scary thought.

so now each and every night I struggle (literally) to get comfy on my side. not happening. I have tried the strategic propping of assorted pillows. not working. my shoulders get sore and my arms fall asleep. I inevitably end up on my back and officer teeth grinder next to me makes sure I roll onto my side. I toss and turn until I have to get up and pee. then I toss and turn more until the next pee.

this is unfortunate because lately sleeping is my MOST favorite activity. love it and cannot get enough of it. what used to bring me so much joy now results in anxiety and... unrest. I have searched high and low for a clever solution for my issue. sure, there are a number of awkwardly designed pregnancy pillows out there -- boopies, snoggles... "english please!" many of these are human-sized, stuffed monstrosities that require their own bed. I really don't feel like adding another body to our already overcrowded sleeping ensemble (thanks lulu.) one obscene design actually requires wrestling moves in order to use it. physical battle with a pillow does not promote restful sleep.

it's hard enough not drinking coffee in the morning or enjoying a nice glass of sauvignon blanc with dinner. I am constantly tempted by an everpresent starbucks. now back sleeping is one of those forbidden pregnancy things. who would have thought? this morning I indulged for about 10 minutes. it was glorious! flat on my back while b took his shower. I felt comfortable for the first time in hours. comfortable... but guilty. like I had just polished off a hefty frozen margherita with salt.


AwkwardMoments said...

Tell me about it! I wish i had some advice - I am in your shoes

Joy said...

I've always been a side-faller-asleeper, but roll onto my back during the night.
Right now if I lay on my back too long, my posterior pelvis hurts so bad that I literally lose my breath when I roll over, so it's quite the motivator NOT to.
Earlier tonight I was laying in bed reading. I was on my back, but my legs bent & my head propped up. It felt like my right leg came out of my hip or something. I honestly thought the husband was going to have to come roll me out of bed, I couldn't move. Finally with a loud moan, I heaved myself sideway but holy shit, did it hurt.

Honestly, all I can do is wake up, think "roll over, shithead" and do just that. But several friends have said their doctors have said that they can lay on their backs as long as they're comfortable- that if you're laying in a way that is doing something bad-it'll hurt.
Like I said, I'm trying very hard not to because it definitely hurts, but it's hard.

Anyway.. to answer your question at my blog- no, they don't see a source of the bleeding (at least, as of 8 days ago, anyway.) She's looked at my placents etc.. everything looks great. They don't know.

I'm supposed to call if the blood turns bright red or is accompanied by cramping. It really is quite literally spotting. Yesterday's was like 4 little dots on the TP. And nothing more since then (knocking wood.) It's frustrating and scary, even though logically I'm probably just one of those "lucky" girls who's going to get to deal with this crap the whole time.

Is it September yet?

Aurelia said...

Your body has a built in alarm system so that if blood flow was being cut off to the uterus, you would feel nauseated, wake up and roll over. You can lie on your back if you like without fear, really. And they just mean, absolutely flat btw. Inclined is completely different.

If you put a few books under the head of your bed, you will not be flat anymore. That's why it's safe to get ultrasounds and stress tests (Those can last for ages) on your back. That's why they do c-sections on your back. That's why so many women give birth on their back or on a slight incline.

It's really not the big deal those stupid books make it out to be.

That said, if you do feel like you need to be on your side, and in later pregnancy, you will be more comfortable alternating sides and back, try the snoogle. I have it, and I sleep, the other way flipped from your illustration. I end up hugging the darn thing all night. Yes, it takes up room, but it helps my hips, and my neck.

Try inclining your bed a bit, and maybe add some large pillows so that you aren't lying flat. You will be fine, I swear.

nickoletta100 said...

I gotta tell you, I am a stomach sleeper and was terrified of the prospect of not sleeping on my tummy. So I got the snoogle and it has been wonderful. I loves cozying up in it. DH calls it the chastity pillow but too bad, it is the only way I can sleep at night. Try it, you may love it as much as I do!!

Aunt Becky said...

Oh, it's rough. Sleeping eluded me completely once I got pregnant with Alex, and I'll never, ever have such a good nights sleep as I had the night I delivered him, after which they gave me a glorious Ambien AND a Vicodin.


Good luck with the sleeping. And the no soft cheeses. And the lack of coffee. And all without wine.