07 March 2008

I'm back!

sort of. my locks (as thin and stringy as they are) are golden blonde again! whew! this was a long time coming. the wintery, drab, first trimester "don't color your hair!" mousiness is history and I feel good. b said " you're beautiful!" (I haven't heard those words in that order in quite some time.)

yesterday was fantastic! I shed my sweat pants and polar fleece uniform and donned an official maternity outfit (for the first time) and spent the day in nyc. even though it was very tiring, it felt good to be home. I met up with a great friend for a quick lunch and then spent the afternoon with one of my favorite people. w. (I'm so sorry he has to share that famous initial. nasty.) my w has been doing my hair since I first moved to brooklyn some 15 odd years ago. he has known me during most of my adult dating life. oh, the stories! he is such a joy to be around. my 1,374 strands of hair (oh, it's thin!) take almost 3 hours to do and we chat and giggle the entire time. when I first told him about b 6 years ago, I whispered in his ear "he's asian." he stopped dead in his tracks and stepped back a few feet away from my chair. silence. I was shocked at his response. he'd always been so supportive of my gentleman callers -- EVEN when they didn't have jobs. or drank too much guinness. or both. so what the hell?! after a bit of awkwardness he apologized and confessed he was a tiny bit caught off guard to hear I was seeing someone... "who's EIGHTY!"

good times.
and always, good hair.


AwkwardMoments said...

i think i need to go get me some new hair!!! I haven't seen my natural color in YEARS and i am NOT a fan

Glad you are back .. and beautiful

Joy said...

Um. this post is pointless w/o a picture.


Portia P said...

I know how you must have been feeling.

I have the WORST grey roots right at the front of my hairline. I might have to wear a hat or a wig if i make it through this first trimester!

Glad you're feeling sexy again!


Anonymous said...

glad you got your groove back. and your "eighty" year old husband thinks you're beautiful again. ohmigod, your hairdressers reaction was hilarious....

Anonymous said...

BUAH HA HA! i laughed aloud on that one...are you as beautifula as monica quartermaine? i hope so! love you Pay! - monlinkava

Anonymous said...

Oh, I am so with you on this.. in Miami last week I went to the salon where I had my wedding hair done and got highlights again for the first time in like 8 months. I feel like a new woman! Worth every penny.