11 April 2007

insult to injury

"things could be worse" so I am told. this is a terrible thing to hear and no doubt I have said it to someone in the past. I'm sorry. of course things could be worse but that is not the point. just because something can be more upsetting or tragic or sad that should not take away from what I am experiencing at the moment. do I need the worst possible diagnosis out there in order to justify my thoughts and feelings? do I need to hear that I have one more month to live to be allowed to feel like shit? when it's "the worst" then it's acceptable?

someone said this to me. "everyone experiences death in their life and we can all relate on some level. we all know what's appropriate to say to someone who has lost a loved one because we've been there. we all know what that sadness and grief feels like." infertility is a tricky one. for most people it is only something they have encountered in passing, if at all. so what do you say to someone caught up in the middle of an infertility diagnosis? good luck? I really don't know.

b and I are exhausted, frustrated, emotionally drained, finacially drained, disconnected, defeated. but you know what? "things could be worse."

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Anonymous said...

When you are trying so hard (and unsuccessfully) to fill this basic need, can anyone be sure that "it could be worse"???