27 April 2007

made ya think? kooky!

I started this as an outlet to express the huge assortment of feelings and emotions (many hormone induced) that come along with an IF Dx (x2). my acupuncturist "a" encouraged me to do this as long as I kept a "gratitude journal" as well. no argument there when she said we have a lot to be thankful for. so every night I literally scribble, no doubt illegibly, a few thoughts in my little spiral notebook by my bed. it helps to recognize and remember all the good and great things that I have in my life. and I have a lot of them.

I do TTC with DH through IVF with AMA and a MF for a BFP entirely for myself as a kind of virtual therapy. I believe 99% of my visitors are experiencing their own infertility nightmares. I feel like I know them but have no idea who they are. sadly, there are many of us out there.

so...let me know who you are. I'm curious. leave me a comment. send me your blog. remember, misery loves company.

my assignment now, as a nominee, is to nominate 5 blogs that make me think for the thinking blogger award. here they are –

making twiglet was awfully kind to mention me. I enjoy her blog because she is always so hopeful and optimistic in her views. her perspective is refreshing (and foreign) to me. she's a good kid and I hope she gets her BFP very soon. it's funny, she is not the only one to use the words "raw" and "painful" when describing my blog. yikes. remember people! I do have a gratitude journal! and I don't even listen to the smiths anymore!

stirrup queens and sperm palace jesters is also a blog I frequent. it is cleverly written by 2 writers who have overcome infertility and are now working on a book to educate the non-infertile world. it is cool site and you could literally spend hours there poking around. I actually have a few posts from my downer of a blog in their archive.

flotsam, infertility sucks! and a little pregnant are all very funny and thoroughly entertaining. it goes to show you it is possible to find a tad bit of humor in all of this infertility crap. when you feel like hell a lot of the time a good chuckle is always a nice change.


Lollipop Goldstein said...

Thank you!

nickoletta100 said...

ahhhh... i hear other people say that about me being optimistic, it's all a front! j/k. thanks for the shoutout. I hope we both get our BFP's very soon. We sure do deserve it.

Barbara said...

Thank you for writing your blog. I read it every day. I have different problems so it's a good reminder that everyone struggles with something. I have my fingers crossed for you in 2007. - Barbara