18 April 2007

no tv. no radio. no thanks.

I have removed myself from all media. I cannot take anymore coverage of "the shooting." I feel very similar to the way I felt when I lived in nyc and watched the second tower crumble right before my eyes. the sadness is too much. I am only listening to my ipod (but not the smiths.)

what is wrong with this country?! the whole idea of being able to casually stroll into a store and buy 2 handguns and a ton of ammunition is fucked up. I can guarantee you 100% that the massacre would not have happened if guns were not purchased like a turkey sandwich. guns are designed for ONE purpose only. to kill. we don't purchase them to use as paperweights. we don't purchase them for decoration. "they guy looked normal." said the gun salesman. it's comforting to know some gun seller is making these judgment calls and looking out for us. do you think he is sleeping well these days? "he didn't have a criminal record." yes, but now he is going down in history for a despicable crime because you sold him guns. you assisted a criminal.

I tortured myself by watching some backwoods hillbilly on tv bitch and moan about our current "strict gun laws." he said if more students had owned guns then the shooter would have been stopped. are you joking?! that's your brilliant solution? give everyone a firearm! a bullet free-for-all! nice. take it easy there dirty harry.

I blame our jackass president. it is time for him to get his head out of his ass and see the big picture of the state of our world. we are very fragile right now and enough is enough. the right to bear arms has been overly abused and then some. we need improved legislation that is relevant in this day and age. years ago I heard gun shots one sunny, spring afternoon while I was working in fantastically hip and fashionable soho. an angry (normal looking) man stormed into a muffin shop and started shooting. a bakery that makes muffins! he killed 3 people. I will never forget the sickening sound of all those bullets.

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